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I have a 20 year old Trane XE70 that is still going strong. But it has needed parts and they are easy to replace.

1) if you turn on the power and it cycles through you should see a glow of the ignitor. If not, replace it. $20 and I keep a spare since it decides to go out during the coldest night of the year. Easy to find on the furnace, Google search furnace ignitor for a picture. There is probably an appliance wholesaler in your area. Just bring them the part.

2) if it glows and fires up after a bit the blower should kick in. If it hums, it’s the capacitor. Be careful with this as it stores up electricity. Google how to replace for safety tips.

3) if you try to spin the blower by hand and it not smooth as glass, it’s the motor. A bit harder of job to replace, but still easy enough if you have an hour or two. Repair #1 and #2 take 2 minutes.

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