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I've been looking at this skinning creator program for $129.95 from Artisteer for a while now and sure enough DotNetNuke skinning rookies will be able to create their own skins and apply them on their own sites.  It appears that the DotNetNuke community is starting to endorse this product as well.

The product has been out for a while now and its advertised as a way to change your theme using Joomia, Drupal and WordPress. Now, they have added support for DotNetNuke skins and DotNetNuke users have started to explore this product to use on their sites.

Every software product has it's pro's and con's. Quite frankly, professional skinners should not be worried about losing client business because there are some drawbacks at using the product. For example, it supports only horizontal menus and not vertical. It only has the skin created in the Content Pane and there are problems with containers with this version of the product.  You still need to know skinning to be able to look at the created files and tweak them.

However, the folks at Artisteer seem to be listening to the DNN users because breadcrumbs was not added to the product at first and then the current version includes breadcrumbs.  So, who knows what changes may be made on future releases of the product but it does appear that the company is listening to its users.

The product itself is very easy to use. In fact, you can keep clicking the imageSuggest Design Ideas to see various design schemes automatically





Here's an example:


What is nice about this product is that you don't need to use Photoshop to create anything. It's all here. For example, look at the menu buttons you can use:


When you are finished, you need to export the file to the DotNetNuke version you are using:


Export your DNN skin to your computer as a zip file. If you work with DotNetNuke 4, an additional package (which is the menu module) will be generated along with the skin folder. To install the menu module in DotNetNuke 4, go to Module Definitions (Host -> Module Definitions) and select "Install New Module". You will then be prompted to find and select the on your computer. Finally, click the "Install New Module" link.

This product is worth taking a look at and it should be interesting to see what gets updated in future versions.

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