SSAS: Why can't I pass a Dimension as a parameter to a stored procedure?

The group of us that worked on the Analysis Services Stored Procedure project were having a discussion via email recently and one of the guys lamented the fact that you cannot pass a dimension object as a strongly typed parameter into an SSAS stored procedure.

After pondering on this for a little while it occurred to me that, in the change to the attribute based model in AS2k5, dimensions now appear to have become little more than logical containers for attributes and hierarchies. This is in real contrast to AS2k where Dimensions were the key concept.

Mosha added that although the UDM deals in terms of Attributes and Measure Groups, MDX does not really have the concepts of Dimensions or Attributes - it deals almost exclusively in Hierarchies (MDX "sees" attributes as single level hierarchies). The other interesting paradox that Mosha highlighted here is that SSAS's SQL support operates with dimensions, attributes and measure groups, but doesn’t understand hierarchies and levels.

Print | posted on Wednesday, November 8, 2006 9:20 PM