May 2009 Entries

BIDS Helper release 1.4.1
I am happy to announce that we recently put out a new release of BIDS Helper. I have copied the release notes out below, but one important "feature" that is not listed is that we now have a build script which is a modified version of the psake Powershell build script written by James Kovacs. It had gotten to the point where it was a bit of an effort to do a build. You had to start by making sure you had the latest version of the source code, then version number had to be updated in a number of spots, ......

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An Analysis Services 2008 nugget
I was experimenting with some of the PerformancePoint APIs today, but I was doing something wrong as I kept getting ERROR! back. I assumed that some of the parameters that I was using was resulting in invalid MDX being generated. I was running against a test database on SSAS 2005 and as I suspected there was a syntax error in the MDX. Unfortunately Profiler against SSAS 2005 showed me the error, but not the offending MDX, which was not much help. On a whim I decided to move my test database to SSAS ......

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SSAS: T-SQL Equivalent for a Many-to-Many relationship
This question came a while ago now in this SSAS forum thread: What is wrong in my query and I thought it was something that may interest other people. Basically it boiled down to trying to find a T-SQL equivalent to the following MDX which is querying a dimension with a many-to-many relationship to the measure. So given the following simple MDX query, what would be the equivalent in SQL? select measures.[Internet Sales Amount] on 0 , [Sales Reason].[Sales Reasons].[Reason Type].Members on 1 FROM ......

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