BIDS Helper version 1.5 Released

Today the BIDS Helper team released a new version the details below are taken from the download page for the new release. Those of you with BIDS Helper already installed should get a new version notification when you next launch BIDS. The major feature in this release is the Biml Package Generator, John has been doing some great work documenting the capabilities of this new feature here  (make sure you also check out the samples and tutorials of this powerful feature).



New Features

Fixes and Updates
The exe downloads are a self extracting installer, the zip downloads allow for an xcopy deploy
Note, to run BIDS Helper with the BIDS version that comes with SQL 2008 R2, just install BIDS Helper for SQL 2008. Every feature works fine in SQL 2008 R2 except for the Unused Datasets feature for Reporting Services as it doesn't yet account for new features in R2 like Lookups.

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