January 2019 Entries

DAX Studio 2.8.1 released
So thanks to a couple of early adopters we’ve found and hopefully squashed a few bugs that managed to sneak into the 2.8.0 release and the 2.8.1 release is now live on https://daxstudio.org v2.8.1 Includes all the features from 2.8.0 along with the following fixes: Fixed a crash when launching DAX Studio by double-clicking on a .dax file (related to a race condition that only occurs in release builds) - thanks to @speschl for reporting the cause of this issue Fixed a crash when opening a file after ......

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DAX Studio 2.8.0 Released
So it’s been a little while coming, but the 2.8.0 release of DAX Studio is now available at https://daxstudio.org It contains a host of new features as well as a lot of stability improvements. Below is a copy of the release notes. New Features: Filter Dump Measure – right-clicking a table in the metadata pane can generate a measure that returns a string describing the active filter context in a table or in all the tables. The DAX measure generated should be copied in a Tabular model to display the ......

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DAX Studio – What do all those numbers mean in the server timing output?
When you run a query in DAX Studio with the Server Timings feature switched on you will see output like the following. A number of the metrics that are gathered by the server timings have been abbreviated and if you may not be aware of what they all mean. The topic of performance tuning DAX queries can get quite involved. This post is just designed to give a brief overview and bit of background about how the different metrics are calculated. Metric Description Total This is the total query duration ......

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