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I admit it. I am one lucky guy. Figure this: Microsoft just came out with the Surface Pro, a nice machine that has caught the imagination of a lot of people. Still, since the other Surface (the RT version) didn't really sell that well, I guess Microsoft decided to make not so much of the much more expensive Pro version. What they failed to understand is that one of the reasons the RT didn't sell so good was that a lot of people were waiting for the Pro version to come out. And when it came, it sold out. Fast. And then new deliveries were made to the stores. Those sold out again. And so on. And then in Bellevue the MVP summit took place. Imagine over 2000 Microsoft fans swarming the local Microsoft Store in Bellevue Square, all wanting to get one of those nifty new machines. I guess you can imagine what that must have been like. A chaos. Some people were going into these stores every day just to be disappointed: "No sir, we don't have the 128GB model available. Try again tomorrow."

I wanted one as well. I was in need for a new machine to do my development on (my Surface RT is a great machine and I love it dearly but it doesn't run Visual Studio). I hold out until the MVP summit so I could get my hands on the desired piece of hardware. And of course, the moment I heard about the run on the machines I was pretty disappointed. And then, on Tuesday, I had a hole in my schedule so I decided to walk to the store just to see them up close and personal. I was even toying with the idea of getting the 64GB version (there were rumors some of these machines might be available, if you were lucky) although I knew 65GB wouldn't be enough to do some decent development on.

I walked in the store, played with the wonderful devices there (the new Sonys, Asus and Acer devices are magnificent, and much better looking than anything that Apple has ever made!) and then this sales guy was walking up to me. He wanted to know if there was anything he could do for me. Well, I told him that what I really wanted was a Surface 128GB. He then said "Well, then you must be the luckiest man around Bellevue today: we've got one left in the back. You want it?" I didn't really have to think about this. He said "Well, if you want anything else, like a keyboard or a sleeve or something like that, please go and help yourself. I have to run to the storage room now before someone else takes it." And with that he actually started to run towards the back of the store.

I picked up a black sleeve and a black type keyboard (my RT has a red sleeve and a red keyboard) and waited for him to come back, anticipating a sad look on his face as he told me his colleague got to it first. It took Kris (as that was his name) forever to return. But when he did he held in his hand a nice black box.

Well, to make a long story short: I did get it. So now I am the owner of 2 fantastic devices. Each has its pros and cons of course, something I will outline in another post. But for now I am happy with my extended family of Surface devices. (And yes, this posting is written on that devices itself).

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