Sass vs Less

I know there are afew places where you can check out the differences between Sass or Less, but I thought it may be helpful for others to know why I chose one over the other.

Here are some of my sources:

Since my main decision was affected by my IDE I need to mention my development environment:
Visual Studio 2010 with Mindscape's Web Workbench

In short I chose Sass (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheet). My main reason was that when you save the file in VS, it automatically regenerates the CSS file for SCSS on the fly, so you are able to see right away what CSS is being generated and can run your app right away. I am not in the favor of Less in this regard, as although you can specify set of handlers etc to interpret the less file on the fly, I would never use it to interpret on the fly, especially not on production servers.

Also the Ruby team now ships officially with CoffeeScript and Sass by default and will be included by default in the gems when you deploy your Ruby app. Maybe another reason to use it if you're in the Rails framework.

Any comments very welcome as I am am not sure if my assumptions and assertions are true.

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