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Deployment of custom checkin policies can be done using either an MSI or VSIX. There are many reasons to prefer using the VSIX format. It is more lightweight, and thus more suitable for small components for VS, as it will not “pollute” the installed programs store. Further, since the Visual Studio setup projects have been cut from Visual Studio 11, the VSIX is a better choice, being supported both in VS 2010 and VS 11. VSIX is also very easy to create, once you know how, and it is very fast running ......

This post is about VS 2010, go here for the VS/TFS 11 extensions. UPDATED Apr 9th 2012: VersionInfo, NuGet, Code Contracts UPDATED Oct 7th 2012: New Visual Studio GDR UPDATED Aug 31th 2012: New versions updated of ReSharper, NDepend, Web Essentials, Community Build Manager, Code Contracts (March 2012), NuGet, ILSpy, DotPeek, Just Decompile, tangible T4 editor, LinqPad. Added the VersionInfo tool, so you know you have the latest update of VS 2010 UPDATED April 20th 2012: New version of NuGet manager. ......