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Get You Some DZone Refcardz

DZone is a great technology site and their Refcardz are a great way to kick start your understanding of new topics. Refcards are about the length of a book chapter packed with great details to quickly get you up and running with the latest technologies. There are quickly approaching 200 Refcardz on subjects varying from Adobe Coldfusion to Windows Powershell and everything in between with more added all the time. These quick start guides are created by the leading subject matter experts in the DZone ......

DZone MVB Goody Box Arrives

There are small perks that go along with blogging. In this case it looks like it is cubical war time. I got home yesterday to find that DZone had sent a goody box including stickers, post cards, a cozy, ref cards, note pad, a thumb drive and best of all ICBMs (Inter-Cubical Ballistic Missiles). Very cool. So what is all this for. This blog is reposed on a regular basis on DZone where I am part of the MVB (Most Valuable Blogger) program. Be sure to check out my posts and all the content on DZone. ......