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VS2008 Express Edition - Round 2

For those of you who read the previous post you will have noticed some of my questions were answered by helpful commenters. The first thing that was mentioned is that you can install as many of the express versions as you wish. What you really give up here is the ability to have just one Visual Studio environment that looks the same for all of your projects. For the moment I can live with that. So I installed the Web Edition and found a couple of surprising items. The toolbox actually included AJAX ......

VS2008 Express Edition - You Get What You Pay For

I no longer work for a company that readily supplies me with MSDN software so I have to get Visual Studio for myself this time around. To that end I figured I would investigate the Express Edition. The first thing I noticed is the separation of project types. You can only do Windows or Web applications. You can't do both. I was wondering if the "search online templates" in the Create Project dialog might give some more options, but this lead to nowhere. The next step I am looking at is if you can ......