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Review: Feed Me for Windows Phone

Prior to the announcement that Google will be shutting down Google Reader I was using Feed Reader to keep up with a number of blogs. The announcement of course sent me scrambling like everyone else. The additional aspect of the problem is whether the mobile reader solution you are currently using offers more options than just Google Reader. In my case it didn’t. I ended up with Feed Me since it integrates with Newsblur. The Feed Me’s interface is definitely functional with the ability to share posts ......

Feed Reader For Windows Phone 8 Has Me Reading Blogs Again

While I post on a regular basis, Twitter has become my pointer to any blogs that I read. I haven’t logged into a RSS app or Google Reader in a long time. When Feed Reader was featured on a web site recently (sorry but I can’t remember which one) I decided to give it a try. It logged directly to my old Google Reader account which made getting started a breeze. That app easily shares links via Twitter or saves them to Instapaper. The wildest feature is that it will audibly read each post. I can’t say ......