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Local LINQtoSQL Database For Your Windows Phone 7 Application

There aren’t many applications that are of value without having some for of data store. In Windows Phone development we have a few options. You can store text directly to isolated storage. You can also use a number of third party libraries to create or mimic databases in isolated storage. With Mango we gained the ability to have a native .NET database approach which uses LINQ to SQL. In this article I will try to bring together the components needed to implement this last type of data store and fill ......

Linq to SQL and Linq to SQL classes

While I have been using Linq to Object for a couple of years now I had not investigated Linq to SQL up to this point. I figured I would put together my take on this technology’s use. Linq is a wonderful syntax for navigating an object graph without having to walk the graph object by object and member by member. It is concise and compact but for someone who has never seen its syntax you would swear you went from reading English to obscure mathematic notation. If you want to learn about the general ......