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(Technology) Holy Wars

As the song says “War! What is it good for?”. Well, maybe not absolutely nothing, but it is definitely a distraction. Whether we are talking about Apple vs. Microsoft, C++ vs. Java vs. .NET, Lotus Notes vs. Microsoft Exchange, Nikon vs. Canon, Cubs vs. White Sox or Bears vs. Packers our world is filled with fan boys ready to go to battle. Just cheering for your favorite isn’t a problem. It is when you have a driving need to put the other guy down and prove that you are behind the winner. Let’s take ......

Sending Email Through Lotus Notes Via SMTPClient

The topic covered in this post actually have applicability beyond Lotus Notes, but that is just where I ran into the problem. The real subject is adding credentials to your SMTP client. Normally I would just make sure that the service sending the email has permission to send email to an Exchange server. The problem I had to send the email through Lotus and it wanted a separate login from the identity running the program. The only error message I got back when I originally wrote the code without specifying ......