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Review: Windows 8 - Initial Experience

I originally started this post when I had the Windows 8 preview setup on VirtualBox image. I have since put the RTM bits on a Dell E6530 that is my new work laptop. It isn’t a table so I am not getting the touch experience, but as a developer this makes the most sense for the moment. This is the first Windows OS that I have had to spend much time exploring to even get started. The first thing I ran into was when I clicked on the desktop icon I was lost. Where is the Start menu? Where are my programs? ......

TechEd 2012: Windows 8 And Metro

Windows 8 is here (or at least very close) and that was the main feature of this morning’s key note. Antoine LeBlond started off by apologizing to the IT professionals since he planned on showing code. I’m not sure if IT Pros are that easily confused or why you would need such a disclaimer. Developers do real work, IT Pros just play with toys (just kidding). The highlights of the Windows 8 keynote for me started with some of the UI design elements that I had not seen when I was shown one of the Build ......