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More Windows Phone 7 Panorama Notes

The saga goes on. There is always something more to learn. While I thought that ManipulationCompleted would do the trick from me it turned out it won’t. It turns out that if you want to figure out what PanoramaItem you are on when the user navigates between PanoramaItems the SelectionChanged event in conjunction with the SelectedItem on the Panorama works pretty well. private void Panorama_SelectionChanged(o... sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e){ PanoramaItem item = (PanoramaItem)Panorama.Sele... ......

Windows Phone 7 Panorama Page

Creating a WP7 application with a Panorama page is fairly simple. Teaching it to do tricks is another thing altogether. As with most development controls the key is to learn the event model along with the object model. Knowing what manipulation means, when it happens and what the different levels it occurs at can be a great benefit. This was the case when I wanted to make sure that a particular item was updated before the user got to a particular PanoramaItem. The visibility of a PanoramaItem does ......