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Why Social Metrics Are Only As Good As Their Input

As more and more social media sites come online people are looking to see what kind of influence you have on the community. Some employers are even checking your Klout or PeerIndex scores before they go into an interview. My problem is that these sites don’t even come close to telling the whole story of a person’s influence in the community. The first thing is that they can’t measure things such as user group interaction. How many conferences do you attend or speak at? Are you responding to forums ......

Blogging After The Blog Boom

I have been blogging on Geeks With Blogs since 2005 and on other blogging sites before that. In this age of Twitter, Facebook and G+ it feels like we are in the post-blog age and yet here I continue. There are several reasons for this. The first is that I still find it to be the best place for self publishing long form thought that won’t fit well on Twitter or Facebook. Google+ allows for this type of content, but it suffers from the same scroll factor as the other social media platforms. If you ......