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Implementing Team Foundation Server 2010 In A Mixed Development Environment

Most of us spend our time in Visual Studio writing .NET code within a Visual Studio solution. Given this situation we find it very easy to integrate with Team Foundation Server for our source control and have a well known work pattern. But what happens when you want to use TFS as source control for non-Microsoft development? The most important thing to remember is that source control should be as transparent as possible to the developer. If the particular language or product does not have an Integrated ......

Changing Team Foundation Server 2010 Workspace Mappings

When you place a Visual Studio solution into TFS or pull it down for the first time a default working path is set in the workspace mappings. There are times when you need to point source code to a new location. Once option you have is to simply use the Manage Workspaces dialog to edit the local folder for the your solution. Select your workspace. Click on the Local Folder and an ellipse button will appear to allow to set a new folder. The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t seem to consistently ......