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October 2012 Chicago IT Architects Group Meeting Recap

It seemed very ironic that the day we have a presentation on the architecture of building applications for Windows 8 the Surface tablet is opened for pre-order. Tom Benton started the evening enlightening the attendees on the user experience for those who had not seen it yet. He even passed around his table from last year’s Build conference for everyone to play with. This was followed with a tour of the capabilities and structures that make up a Windows Store App on Windows 8. Taking it to its conclusion, ......

October 2012 Chicago IT Architects Registration Open

This month Tom Benton will be presenting The Platform and Architecture of Windows Store apps in Windows 8. This is a subject that was requested by attendees over the last few months. Tom has been presenting this topic in Redmond recently and this should be a great discussion. As usual we are interested in hearing what topics that community would like to see presented. Leave any ideas in the comments of this post. If you have a topic you are interested in presenting please contact me through this ......