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Microsoft BUILD 2013 Day 1–Keynote

This one is going to be a little long because the keynote was jam-packed so bare with me. The keynote for the first day of BUILD 2013 was kicked off by Steve Balmer. He made it very clear that Microsoft’s focus is on accelerating its time to market with products and product updates. His quote was that “Rapid release” is the new norm. He continued by showing off several new Lumias that have been buzzing around the internet for a while and announce that Sprint will now be carrying the HTC 8XT and Samsung ......

Microsoft BUILD 2013–Day 1 Summary

I’m happy to be at BUILD this week, mainly because my flights finally got me here late on Tuesday. My biggest complaints so far are the flights and the hotel. It seems that almost every flight into San Francisco were delayed multiple hours. The Sequester so lovingly forced on America by congress means that the airport was short controllers. That, along with poor weather and airport construction meant most people were 2-3 hours late arriving. Add on top of that the fact that the hotel that I picked ......