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Update Since Microsoft/PSC Office Open XML Case Study

In 2009 Microsoft released a case study about a project that we had done using the OOXML SDK 1.0 for Research Directors Inc. Since that time Microsoft has released version 2.0 of the SDK and PSC has done significant development with it. Below are some of the mile stones we have reached since the original case study. At the time of the original case study two report types had been automated to output as PowerPoint presentations. Now that the all the main products have been delivered we have added ......

The Challenges of Inconsistent Implementation and Office Document Generation

I have spent the last several months developing solutions with Office 2007 and the Office Open XML SDK 2. Our client has requirements that cross the suite from PowerPoint Presentations to Word Documents. The Open XML standard which define the structure of these documents is very powerful. My biggest frustration is the lack of consistent capabilities between the products. Since we are doing document generation based on templates it is very important we that the code can consistently identify any part ......