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Document Your APIs

I have been working on a Windows Phone application for the user group that I help to run and have been experiencing head ache after head ache. The problem isn’t the Windows Phone development itself. The issues are with the external web service APIs that I am trying to use for sites like SlideShare and Box.net. The main issue is that while there is a lot of documentation and examples for the output of the APIs, the input format is sketchy at best. The web service for SlideShare, for example, requires ......

Discovering Your Project

The discovery phase of any project is both exciting and critical to the project’s success. There are several key points that you need to keep in mind as you navigate this process. The first thing you need to understand is who the players in the project are and what their motivations are for the project. Leaving out a key stakeholder in the resulting product is one of the easiest ways to doom your project to fail. The better the quality of the input you have at this early phase the better chance you ......