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nPlus1.org ArcSummit Wrap-up

On December 7th I presented at the nPlus1.org ArcSummit. My talk was on Dependency Injection and Inversion of Control containers. Thank you to all those who attended. When we were done Chris Woodruff and I were asked to record an episode of The Thirsty Developer. It was a great experience seeing how these shows are put together and being able to just sit down and talk with Dave Bost, Clark Sell and Chris Woodruff. I’ll post again when the episode comes out. The slides for the presentation are available ......

Speaking at the nPlus1.org ArcSummit December 7th

I am branching out. nPlus1.org is having an ArcSummit event and needed someone to speak on Dependency Injection. Sign me up. If you are interested in this or the other topics to be presented please join us. There is more information about the event and a registration link below. https://www.clicktoattend.c... About nPlus1.org nPlus1.org is a site dedicated to helping Architects, aspiring Architects and Lead Developers learn, connect and contribute. On this site you’ll have ......