This is becoming a trend for me taking different hobbies in my life and applying them to my job (which also happens to be my hobby).

One way that you can learn to take better images is to work through assignments.  These can be challenges from a group, a paid project or self assignments.  This is the way I learned .NET 2.0 and how I will approach learning VS2008. 

With 2.0 I rewrote my wife's web site. 

The other things that these assignments teach is looking at things from different perspectives.  Take for instance the most recent one I was working on which was to portray time or the passing of time.  Try to think of how many ways you can do that.

You start by brain storming.  First things that come to mind are the usual: clocks, watches, hour glasses.  Now turn it on it's head: candles dripping, a rusting sign, a falling down building next to a new one. 

Now apply the same approach to design.  Start with standard patterns: factory, singleton, command.  Now let your imagination go to town ...