This Developers Life is a podcast put out by Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery.  In the most recent episode there were a couple of things that really struck me. 

The fist was on motivation.  Why is it that we keep spending every free hour keeping up with the latest technologies and techniques?  Personally, I have always enjoyed the satisfaction of solving problems with technology.  Hey, if you aren’t one to join sports then you need some sort of challenge.  Of course getting to play with new toys like Windows Phone 7 is fun too.

The second was getting a DBA’s perspective.  Why is it that they give so many of us a hard time.  Is it really that what we develop threatens their ability to do their jobs?  I have always found that showing that you understand their priorities and that you aren’t a complete idiot when it comes to database design goes a long way.

If you want a podcast that can really make you think I would highly recommend This Developers Life.